You have an idea?

We will make it happen according to your specifications!
We will help you select appropriate materials
and supplemental elements, so that the piece of furniture
fully meets your expectations.

You don’t have an idea?

Our designers will help you develop one
and choose the best solution for your interior.
Together we will create a functional and unique piece of furniture
designed exclusively for you.

Why should you choose our products?


We select materials, dimensions, colors, and required elements/accessories so that an ideal design is achieved and you can fully enjoy your home.

Ecological Material

We practically never waste a piece of wood. From the leftovers we craft accessories, which will become pleasant accents to enhance the interior of your home: candlesticks, panels, drink coasters. Caring for the environment and at the same time, connecting what is practical with what is useful.

High Quality

Our furniture is not only beautiful, but also functional and durable. We use the best materials: Adler paints, stains and varnishes, Blum hinges and rails, and Lamello assembly system(s). Learn more about BWMEBLE technology.


The primary material used in the production of BWMEBLE is oak. It meets the highest standards of wood that – in itself noble – must always undergo a long and challenging process of seasoning. BWMEBLE rigorously monitors its drying procedures and storage of raw materials, so that the final product we put in your hands is a source of joy for many years.

Modern and
Affordable Design

By working with young and experienced designers, our company has the ability to offer furniture solutions that fit in with current trends. At the same time, our prices are very competitive in the market of individually designed furniture. Our consultants will always try to offer you a solution that will leave you with the sense that you got a good deal.

Custom Paint
and Machine Complex

BWMEBLE has a very wide selection of machinery in its possession and its own professional paint shop. This gives us a broad spectrum of possibilities for the construction and decoration of furniture. As a result, the craftsmanship of our furniture is very high. When it comes to quality – we can compete with the biggest and most respected companies in the world.



What sets us apart

  • the highest quality natural wood (oak, beech, ash)
  • seasoned wood
  • wood dried in our own kiln
  • varnishes, paints and wood stains from the top shelf
  • our own paint shop with an array of equipment (high gloss,
    satin, matte, semi-matte)
  • innovative assembly / disassembly
  • our own machine complex (we have the technology to process
  • we collaborate with both interior and furniture designers
Drewniane Materiały

Play with color and form!

Do you like summer and the color yellow,
or would you maybe feel better surrounded by cool pastels?
Our experts will help you choose the right colors
for your furniture.