Adler varnishes, lacquers, paints and stains.

Gloss, matte, semi-gloss in a huge selection of colors – for us it’s no problem! With our own paint shop, BWMEBLE is able to satisfy even the most discriminating tastes. We use paints of the highest quality. Adler, an Austrian company, is the European leader in the production of paints, varnishes and stains.

Choose any color lacquer,
any shade of wood stain or interesting texture – and we will take care of implementing your vision!

Adler Puszka

Adler Lacquers

Lacquers (gloss, matte, semi-gloss)

All lacquer components are processed in our own paint shop, based on technology developed jointly with the Austrian manufacturer – Adler, which allows us to achieve the highest quality of workmanship for each element.

By applying this technologically advanced process, the quality of gloss is guaranteed at a level above 90 ° gloss (mirror has 100 ° and widely available varnished elements hover around 60 ° gloss).

Adler Stains

stains and varnishes
for wood

Adler wood stains give furniture a unique look. From the “Neo-antique” series to “Classic” to “Style”, we have something that will satisfy almost everyone. These stains have a high resistance to light thanks to special protective pigments. Depending on whether you want to hide or highlight the natural structure of the wood, you may choose between opaque, translucent or transparent.

Adler Extraordinary Textures


The use of interesting and sensational textures imparts character on varnished surfaces, reviving both the furniture and the kitchen.

We offer a variety of structurally interesting textures, which depending on choice of color and method of lighting, add charm to its extraordinary and unique surface.

Adler Product advantages:

  • color consistency – Adler ensures that the color which you choose today will remain exactly the same for 5, 10 or 15 years, provided you follow the instructions for painting.
  • Friendly to the environment – The ADLER HighRes® symbol attests to the highest level of compliance with the strictest environmental standards. The HighRes® symbol of quality is received only by meeting the highest quality standards for paint systems with low emissivity.
  • Resistance – provides perfect protection against environmental influences and mechanical stress.


  • Variety of design options – with different colors with different effects according to your needs.
  • safety – does not contain heavy metals or formaldehyde, plasticizers and is safe in terms of toxicology. It has been tested according to Austrian standards ÖNORM S 1555 and EN 71 for resistance to sweat and saliva, meaning it is also safe for children.
  • ease of care – furniture can be easily maintained by keeping it clean, and these surfaces will delight you with their beauty for many years.

Lamello mounting system

Lamello is a leading manufacturer of precision locking systems. They enable customers to do more effective and productive work.

The high quality of these products is founded through innovation and years of collected experience. Production takes place in Switzerland – so each element is perfectly crafted and original.

Lamello Nipple

quick and precise connection of elements in the range from 35 ° to 90 °

System Lamello

Advantages of the Lamello system:

  • the ability to quickly and methodically assemble and disassemble furniture without doing harm to the wood
  • strength – the Lamello mounting system copes well with connecting large surfaces even using weaker materials
  • speed of installation – mounting hooks are simply inserted into specially shaped holes. There is no need for screwing or gluing.


  • tool-less installation – the connection fittings are manually inserted into the profile groove, without the use of tools
  • Lateral tolerance in the groove profile – because connectors are not secured by screws, the board can be moved in the groove, allowing the perfect assembly of elements

Blum drawers, hinges and runners.

Blum products are delightful with their functionality and high quality. Based on observations of their practice, they are subjected to extensive testing of their load bearing and movement. Thanks to this, we have certainty that they are made in the best possible way.

CLIP hinges are mounted without tools, move fluidly using BLUMOTION, which close gently and quietly, with SERVO-DRIVE to aid opening – Blum innovations are milestones in furniture design.

Blum Clip


proven system of drawers with smooth running action and incredibly soft close
TANDEMBOX runners have rollers made of wear-resistant plastic. They guarantee gentle motion
and dynamic load bearing: 30kg, 50kg or 65kg. Full extension with lengths from 270 – 650mm. Optimum lateral stabilization.


cushioning system that allows for gentle
and silent closing
BLUMOTION is a system that makes furniture close gently and quietly, regardless of the closing speed or the weight of the drawer or cabinet door. Thanks to this solution, slamming cabinet doors becomes impossible.


hinges are easy to regulate and installation is very simple
With CLIP TOP every door swings smoothly. CLIP TOP BLUMOTION hinges can be added for silent
and gentle closing or the TIP-ON system – which allows for opening furniture without handles.


drawers and doors which open automatically when gently pressed
TIP-ON – the mechanical opening support system from Blum. Drawers open without handles (automatically) – just briefly press their surface. When closing a gentle push is enough.


Hinges connect the cabinet door to the frame.
Depending on the type of door, hinges open to different widths.

Thanks to the inclusion of BLUMOTION hinges, the doors close softly and quietly.


Drawers are found in the kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom, as well as in the office. For such a variety of spaces, we offer appropriate solutions – runners for wooden drawers as well as completely metal systems. Neither the weight nor the force applied when closed will matter – thanks to BLUMOTION, drawers always will be closed gently and quietly.


With this lift system, cabinet doors are raised to allow direct access to the interior of the cabinet. The AVENTOS lifting system operates very smoothly. The doors open easily, stop at any desired position and close silently and effortlessly thanks to BLUMOTION. Further advantages of AVENTOS include high stability, elegant design and durability.

Lechler – Italian brand paint systems

Lechler is an Italian brand known in the European market for its lacquering system since 1858. It offers a wide, well-known range of specialized products and services, including among others, automotive, motorcycle and industrial applications.

We use this technology mainly for painting our furniture, with a vast spectrum of colors (3530 palette of colors) to give the customer a huge selection to choose from.